Pastor Rubén and Graciela Castañeda arrived in Ensenada from Mexicali in 1981. After being married for one year, God put the passion to be a pastor on Rubén's heart - to minister to those who are most needy, giving them first the truth of salvation that God offers and then to bind their physical wounds. In this way - those impoverished would then receive the human dignity that had been lost.

Pastor Rubén is convinced that the world does not lack physical resources, but however lacks the love of God. Not that there is any lack in God. He has made plenty of resources, and has infinite love; but he wants us to have the privilege of distributing both. What a privilege! As He gives, we must share.

At La Gran Comisión God is moving in the people of the church through the sharing of God's love as expressed in Christ, in the Gospel, AND through the sharing of material goods.

Here are some of the things that God is doing at La Gran Comisión:

  • There are various SERVICES each week. Sunday, mid-week, prayer meeting, and a youth outreach service. Weekly the men worship and grow together as well as a monthly meeting for the women.
  • An individual DISCIPLESHIP program is being held as well as a discipleship small group that meets on Sunday's for the new believers.
  • CASA DE PAN (HOUSE OF BREAD) is a ministry to at-risk children who come either from one-parent families' or from very large families with low resources as well as children whose parents are fighting addictions.
    The purpose of this ministry is to give the children stability and vision-instilling the truth that their lives have purpose and hat Jesus loves them. The ways that this is accomplished is through their coming to the kitchen to receive a hot meal, love and attention and help with homework-providing a secure environment for them to "come home to." In addition, the children receive school supplies, backpacks and help with uniforms as they begin a new school year.

Rubén is the Senior Pastor of The Great Commission Church located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico and his wife Graciela serves on the worship team as well as being one of the directors of the ministry at "Casa de Pan." They have four beautiful children: Mary, who is married to Jacinto and who serves as one of the church secretaries, Jonathan who serves as one of the Music Ministers at Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA, Cindy and Judith.